Brief Detail

This project was based on straight HTML with some CSS of the skills used during my course at Vision College while I was studying and learning Web Design and Development training.

The idea was to design and build a functional and nice looking website with colourful images of various attractions that has relevant text of description of each attractions, all in HTML for a Tourism Company to promote Canterbury as a tourist destination.

The Process

A lot of thought went into this project at the time when it was given to me by my tutor with some requirements.

The tutor had asked that the website does some of the following:

  • It has an Index page, where tourists can view the various attractions of Canterbury and Contact.
  • Major attractions like Canterbury Museum, Mt Hutt Ski, Kaikoura Whale Watching, Akaroa Banks Peninsula, Hanmer Springs and Orana Wildlife Park should be featured in the website.
  • A Contact Us page using form.  
  • That the Index page should provide links to various web pages.
  • After opening the index page, users can browse for hyperlinks of various web pages.
  • The interface of each web page should look consistent. 
  • That there should be navigation bar on top and bottom of each web page.



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